Billy & Violet | Key Largo Lighthouse Hidden Beach Wedding

August 14, 2018

Billy and Violet had a lovely intimate wedding in the Keys of Florida. Friends and family gathered from all over the world to witness them say “I do.”

Here’s some of their story in their own words:

How did you meet?
Billy and I first met at the Harp which is a bar in downtown Boston. My friend Leah invited me to go dancing with her that night, and it just so happened that she also invited Billy out since he had recently moved to Boston from CT. Leah originally met Billy through a friend’s wedding in CT where they are both from. The introduction started with a tequila shot followed by a fun night out dancing with friends. Billy did not ask or get my phone number that night, I left the bar a bit early to try and get home not knowing that he actually tried to catch me but was too slow! I had already hopped on the T. So he asked my friend Leah and since she was hesitant to be the one giving out numbers she put us all in a group text between Leah, her bf Jeremy, Billy and I. We all arranged to have brunch in cambrdige the next morning. So, brunch happened, we all had a nice casual time together, strolled around Cambridge. Leah, Jeremy and I all planned to go for a track workout at the Harvard track afterwards. Billy wasn’t quite ready to give in yet, and he lived an hour away. So his solution while we all went home quickly in the area to get our workout clothes on was to find the nearest City sports. We all met back up at the track and Billy shows up in a full newly purchased tank, shorts, socks, sneakers, a duffle bag, gatorades all ready to work out! Nothing crazy happened between us for a solid 2 weeks after, and after some texts were exchanged Billy asked me to go on our first date in the city. This consisted of a fun game of escape the room, dinner, followed by some more dancing. Then the rest is history!

What’s your engagement story?
Our engagement story pretty much defines us in our everyday life. Billy myself and our friend Maggie decided to go to Boda Borg together one day in November. I had no idea that Billy had a ring on him which he had sneakily showed to Maggie earlier in the morning. His original plan was to propose after we completed all of the Boda Borg challenges but nothing happened at the game itself. We all drove back, it was now dark and Maggie had to drive back to VT. So billy and I took our furry boy Colt for a cold, dark walk around the BC resevoir. About 3/4 of the way around the resevoir in the pitch black, we were playing with colt, he was running back and forth between us. Then billy bends down petting colt and shouts over to me “hey! honey! I think colt has a tick stuck to him, can you bring your phone flashlight?!”
So me being pretty gullible, shined my light on colt and all i see is something super sparkly! Billy was already on one knee with the dog in front of him to hide it and the ring under colts neck fur. He pops the question and my response was of course “yes!!!” As we were busy jumping up and down and celebrating, colt equally got excited and was jumping around then rolled down this little hill, except he came back up all covered in dog poo! So the night ended with us returning home, me giving our very stinky pup a bath, and Billy after a day of adrenaline, fell right asleep!

Why did you choose the venues/town you did for you’re wedding?
The reason we chose Key Largo Lighthouse Beach was because we wanted a destination beach wedding. A big reason we chose this place was because it was still fairly easily accessible from an international airport. A lot of our family was going to be travelling from abroad or from far away anyways, and our thought process was why not make it a nice vacation too! The venue we chose was amazing because it was secluded, we had the place for 3 nights and all of the activities could occur right on site, not to mention we were able to put up our wedding parties in our beach houses! This was so fun because we had more than just a few hours to spend with everyone. Our mixture of our most favorite people in our lives could easily bond as well as have a relaxing few days on the beach before and after the actual wedding festivities.

What was your favorite part of the day?
My favorite part of the day was the point during the ceremony where Aunt Kim told us to stop and take a look around, and absorb the fact that everyone present was here for us! The best part of any wedding is that it is the one day where you get to gather all of your friends and family in one spot.
Then of course, some of my favorite parts were our little group dance and the reception dancing on the beach!

Why did you choose Nicole Danielle Studios?
Because she is the BEST and most AMAZING photographer and even more, she is a wonderful friend! She and Billy have known eachother for years and we are so lucky that we have her in our lives! She worked her butt off in the humid Florida heat and I barely saw her sit down all night. It is one thing to have an already incredible and innovative artist, but another to have one that knows you on a more personal level!

Do you have any advice for couples getting married in the future?
Yes! Make sure to relax during your wedding! Do your favorite things, don’t stress, it all turns out amazing no matter what! For me that meant going for a run with my favorite run buddy, swimming in the ocean, running around the property trying to occupy myself and dancing with my girls!
Also, if you are going to spend a lot of money on something, make sure to place your photographer at the top of that list because those are the captured memories you will forever be able to look back on!


Photographer: Nicole Danielle Studios, LLC

Venue: Key Largo Lighthouse

Wedding Planner: Baye Haddad

Make Up: Hair & Makeup By Elaine

Decor, Rentals, & Flowers: Akalia, Linens and More

DJ: Michael Collins from MBC Entertainment

Hair: Victoria Eichman